Thursday, July 29, 2004

Rev Al Gives a Preaching Lesson

"I thought I was in church," remarked Rev. Al  Sharpton about his raucous, emotional, blow-off-the-roof speech last night to the Democratic Convention. He connected at the deepest levels with his doubt about it. His sermon was credible and incredibly authentic, dazzlingly clever and a great time.
At a distance. Up close, he scares me.
Apparently, that is his Sunday morning preaching style. It reminds me that we all worship God in different ways. My church holds an annual joint church service with the predominantly black Baptist church down the street, but Ron and I never attend it. For me, worship is quiet and reflective, genuinely joyful in prayer, learning and listening for God's voice and to the pastor's voice. My private worship is reading, writing and praying....finding that peaceful center.
I find an exuberant, high-decibel, openly emotional worship style to be overwhelming. But it sure looks like fun!

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