Monday, July 26, 2004

Mrs Kerry Tells Reporter to Shove It

Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of presidential candidate John Kerry, nicely told a reporter to "Shove it." I saw film of it on CNN this morning.  The reporter was part of a crowd, shouting for her attention as she rushed through a building. She broke away from her protection and approached the reporter. 

"You said something I didn't say," she muttered with a knowing smile. "You can shove it." She turned firmly and rushed off to her next appointment.
These five infamous seconds are national headlines today. Reporters are atwitter at Mrs. Kerry's indiscretion. They assume that the public will be equally shocked by her lack of respect for the reporter.
I admit...hers were not words that I would choose. But she firmly, efficiently and unashamedly addressed what she considered to be a public transgression. It was a rare moment of authenticity on the campaign trail. And then she was done with it.  She moved on.  
To the chagrin of the intrusive and often untruthful press, Mrs. Kerry may be more admired than dissed for her words.  As for me, I like her a bit better for it.

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