Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Thanksgiving Rebels, Part II

And I thought the story (Nov 17) about my brother-in-law, Thanksgiving rebel who served ham instead of turkey, was original....

Taken from today's New York Times Food Section:

"Almost everybody has a story about the year the family rebel tried to overthrow the tradition of turkey on Thanksgiving. The story never ends well for the transgressor. His revolt is crushed, he is mocked, and now he spends most of the holiday muttering to himself.

Thanksgiving, more than any other holiday, is guided by conformity. This may frustrate cooks with creative hearts and eaters with adventurous palates, but a culinary battle is like any other. The battlefield must be chosen carefully. Forget the turkey and pumpkin pie: side dishes are the platform for change. You can introduce new flavors, try different techniques and slowly phase out your aunt's insipid green beans."

Can't wait to make and serve my new recipe for cranberry onion relish instead of over-sugared, over-preserved, food-colored canned cranberry sauce.

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