Thursday, December 04, 2003

Santa Takes a Fall

Santa stood in front of his chair and waved to the crowd from atop his float in a Quebec parade early this week. 70,000 had turned out for the popular local event on the cold but beautiful winter day. Santa's float abruptly stopped, though, early in the parade. Santa fell off the float, and hit the street 10 feet below on his head. Samantha, an adorable movie-perfect 3 year old, started crying when she saw Santa fall. She sobbed to her parents that she was afraid and sad that Christmas would no longer take place because Santa got hurt. Turns out Santa was rushed to the hospital where he got 10 stitches, and is healing with no problems. A fast-thinking city employee donned Santa's hat and large jacket, hopped onto the float and waved to the crowds for the rest of the route.

Sounds like the seeds for a Hollywood movie plot.

It also sounds like someone needs to explain to Samantha the true meaning of Christmas.

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