Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Book Review #1 for Summer Reading 2004

Have you ever had a book unexpectedly captivate you.....grab your heart and soul and mind? I bought about 80 books from the estate of a bona fide intellect, a great reader and a Christian. I've since sold most of his books on eBay, but a few seem too fascinating to depart with.

One of his books speaks clearly to me, as if the Holy Spirit is blowing through my very being. (I don't want to put it down and take care of daily life. Have you ever felt like that? ) The author is the Rev. Kirby Page (1890 - 1957), a Disciple of Christ minister, pacifist, social evangelist and writer. The book is "Living Creatively," in which he sets forth his ten commandments for creative living. The commandments are:

1. Relieve human misery.
2. Transform unjust social systems.
3. Gain vision and serenity through silence.
4. Seek beauty.
5. Cultivate friendship and fellowship.
6. Recover strength through penitence.
7. Explore great biographies.
8. Follow the noblest personality.
9. Cooperate creatively with God.
10. Run risks and accept penalites.
He ends with an admonishment to "make wise use of time."

My research shows that Rev. Page authored 12 books. I discovered one on eBay, and ordered it...."Living Prayerfully - How to Experience Life's Deepest Satisfactions." Can't wait to receive it. I am inspired!

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