Saturday, June 26, 2004

Perfect Salmon-Pink Polish

Her dainty pink lips smiled sparingly, as her pool-blue eyes surveyed the woman at her feet. Her straight blond hair was neatly tucked behind pearl-studded ears, and topped with a peach-and-pink flowered floppy hat that matched her designer spaghetti-strap sun dress. Her salmon-pink nail polish was still drying.

She tucked her right foot up closer to inspect the fresh polish. She quietly pointed out a flaw. Please do it over.

The older Asian woman bowed her head over the toenail, wiped it clean, and carefully, daintily, slowly brushed on salmon-pink with a soft single stroke.

She lifted her foot again...inspected. Yes, better, she silently nodded her approval.

She was in no hurry....she had no place to go. And she wanted a perfect polish. After all...what's the rush? Her mother was not done, yet. And she's only 6 years old.

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