Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Martha , OJ , Courtney and Scott

Murderer OJ Simpson walks the streets and plays golf, a free man. Rocker Courtney Love abuses illegal drugs, breaks and enters homes, stalks former lovers, fails to show at mandated court times, assaults and batters others, yet she remains out of jail. If experienced analysts are correct, Scott Peterson has a good chance of acquittal for the murders of his wife and unborn son, and will have the rest of his life to lie, cheat and also play golf.

Martha Stewart gets sentenced Friday for a victimless offense that no one profited from... stemming from charges based on a complex technicality decried by every major newspaper in our country... based on nonsensical charges that the jury clearly didn't comprehend... a trial verdict derived, in part, from one juror and one gov't witness who both admittedly perjured themselves.

Martha will likely serve jail time. Unlike OJ, and perhaps Courtney and Scott.

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