Saturday, July 24, 2004

Welcome News from Minnesota

Wonderful, welcome news from Minnesota....the sweet, flawed and funny, all-too-human people created by my favorite fiction-writer, Garrison Keillor, will be brought to the silver screen in 2005. These are characters we all know.....the folks next door and down the street, fellow church members, aunts and uncles and assorted cousins, and richly familiar mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.

Keillor is talented at enticing us to grow attached to the wildly imperfect inhabitants of his fictional Lake Wobegon. I enjoy his books because they make me smile, and they help me to appreciate people, despite (or because of?) their imperfections. They remind me to be more generous and patient with others.
My favorite daily email, and I get quite a few, is "The Writer's Almanac" by Garrison Keillor and Minnesota Public Radio. It features a thought-provoking daily poem, and fascinating historical trivia about writers and other public figures.  Lots of interesting anecdotes. It's a delightful way to start the day....I highly recommend it with your first cup of morning coffee.       

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