Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Chicago Really Can Be a Tough Town

By reputation, Chicago can be a tough town. Guess the rumors were correct in this case. The following is taken from today's Chicago Tribune:

"Last seen, the fan who tried to catch the ball was wearing a jacket on his head and being led into the underbelly of Wrigley Field for his own protection.

He may forever be referred to as 'that fan' or any number of other names after he reached for a pop foul that Cubs left-fielder Moises Alou was about to catch for the second out in the eighth inning of Game 6 of the National League Championship Series, with the Cubs leading (the game) 3-0 and five outs away from the World Series.

But the ball struck the fan's hand and bounced free, opening the door to an eight-run Marlins rally and an eventual Cubs loss.

Within moments. the fans down the left-field line began booing and chanting, 'Get him out.' The object of their scorn still sat in his front-row seat, wearing headphones and a Cubs cap, as the Marlins began to pile up runs.

'It cost us the game, pal.' shouted one fan. Another fan tossed a beer cup toward the man's seat, but it fell short. Three security guards ejected one fan after throwing beer. 'I hope you're happy,' the man screamed. 'You cost us the (expletive) World Series.'

Another fan yelled, 'You could tell we're better than Boston or he'd be dead already.' "


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