Friday, October 10, 2003

Seduction by Fudge

My husband, Ron, had a "bachelor recipe" for a rich caramel chocolate fudge that he took to parties and used to capture the attention of women. He is a decent cook, but this was his show-off recipe. He served it to me on our first date. Friends continued to ask us to bring it to potlucks, and several said we could make our fortune selling this deeply delicious confection.

Eight years ago, we started our foray into the gourmet food business by making and selling Ron's richest caramel chocolate fudge. We had such fun at our first entrepreneurial venture, working together day and night through the holiday season at baking, boxing, wrapping and delivering. Supportive family and friends placed orders, and one loyal pal ordered forty pounds for Christmas gifts to his customers. In March, the Health Department came knocking, and we discovered all sorts of regulations that we unknowingly violated in our home business.

Our first small business is long gone now, and it has been years since we made that recipe. Ron's richest caramel chocolate fudge will be featured in my fudge cookbook-in-progress. But....we can't find the recipe anymore! Today, I made a caramel fudge brownie that seemed similar. It looks too brownie-ish and not fudgy enough, but I bet our Friday Evening group will devour it anyway.

At least I have a starting point to recreating the seductive fudge Ron served at our first meal together.

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