Thursday, January 29, 2004

God's Comfort Via the Internet

God really does work through the internet to comfort His children.

I bought some books through eBay from a seller I 'd never before "met," and for some odd reason, felt compelled to mention to him that Ron recently had some MRIs. I NEVER share personal info over the internet with anyone but family and friends.

The following email exchange took place today:

Jim - "We received your payment for the cookbooks. Thank you very much. Your books will be shipped out today via USPS, media mail. We hope that everything is alright with your husband. Best of wishes."

Me - "Thanks, Jim. He is suffering from hearing loss....MRIs revealed nothing, which is a good thing. They think it is a combination of heredity and his diabetes. Hearing aids should be helpful. Thank you for the kind thought."

Jim - "I am glad that your husband's MRI showed nothing. I was suffering from hearing loss in one ear and went and had it checked last year. They did an MRI and found a brain tumor. I am only 25 years old, so it was a strange thing. I had two brain surgeries to remove the tumor (it was non-cancerous). The tumor was removed, but I have lost the hearing in one ear and my eye does not track quite right. But I am here and alive! I hope the hearing aids help. It is amazing what technology can do."

Me - "I am a praise God! You are here and doing well, so that is a great blessing. We are familiar with exactly the type of benign tumor you had. My husband is 50, so this is not out of the normal age range for these types of things. This would have rendered him pretty much deaf. Jim, what a pleasure to 'chat' with you. Thank you for sharing your own experiences. It is helpful to me. Have a great day. Hope you don't mind if I say a prayer for your continued health."

Jim - "Thank you for your prayers! My wife and I are also Praise the Lord! We will keep your husband in our prayers also. Have a blessed day!"

God is good, isn't He?

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