Saturday, January 24, 2004

Of Dinner Dates and Dreams

Ron and I begged out of our Friday night group get-together last night, and went out to dinner and a movie. Our 12 year old, our only child left at home, is gone to camp for the weekend. We rarely see movies in theaters, much less ones rated above kid-friendly. We indulged in ribs at Tony Roma's, visited about the day and week, and chatted with church friends who were at the next table. We made it just in time for the movie, a romantic comedy with oldsters Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson, and munched on requisite over-priced popcorn. ($8.50 a ticket? When did this happen? No wonder we rent movies.) The film was sweet and really funny. We laughed out loud many times.

We got home about 10:30, when it hit me....this was the very first time since our daughter was born that we didn't talk or worry about her while we were out. She never even crossed our minds...........our adored daughter never crossed our minds.

I had a dream last night that she rode her bike a great distance, but that she did it unusually quickly....and she seemed more mature and responsible when she returned to me. My next dream remembrance is of looking at new homes, sleek condos and city townhomes, something different than I've ever before lived in. I've read that houses and homes in dreams symbolize ourselves.

They grow up so fast, in the blink of an the time it takes to ride a bike in my dreams. When our last child is gone, Ron and I will be different people at a different life stage. And those new homes in my dream didn't look half bad.

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