Sunday, February 22, 2004

Bushes Mourn Death of their Dog?

The Associated Press and New York Times, among others today, carried the headline "Bushes Mourn Death of Their Dog Spot." Spot was a friendly 15-year old English springer spaniel who had suffered a recent series of strokes. Said the White House press secretary, "The President and Mrs. Bush, and the entire Bush family, are deeply saddened by the passing of Spot. A loyal and loving companion, Spot was a beloved member of the Bush family for nearly 15 years. She will be missed."

No mention yet of deep mourning for the more than 500 American soldiers who have died in Iraq in a discretionary war. No mention of sadness for the wives and husbands who have lost their companion, or for the children who have lost a parent in a war started for unclear reasons....bad intelligence info, political agendas, a personal vendetta, perhaps greed and oil.

Just mourning for one of the family dogs.

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