Monday, February 16, 2004

Taking the Plunge

Decided to take the plunge this summer to draft my first Christian book. The concept has been floating in my mind for a couple years now, and won't go away. Before summer, I'll write a tight outline, and have time to listen for clever inspiration. It's butterfly-inducing to make this decision....overwhelming almost. I know my fortes are popular culture interpretation and chronicling everyday life, but logic doesn't help with the vastness of self-doubt.

When I was very young...maybe 6 or 7...I vividly remember standing on a diving board terrified to jump into our backyard pool. My brother did it easily, and my parents urged me on for weeks. From the pool decking, the distance between board and pool looked small, no big deal. But it felt overwhelming from board end, looking down into the deep, very deep pool. I can still recall the cold, paralyzing panic that gripped my whole body.

I don't know what finally got me to take the plunge, but after almost a week of pacing back and forth on that board, I closed my eyes, ran and jumped high, hitting the cold water with a cannonball splash.

And it was no big deal. Fun, actually, and refreshing. I belonged there, playing in the pool with my brother and sister.

Time to follow the Spirit and take another plunge. Maybe I belong there.

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