Thursday, April 29, 2004

Extreme Talent

Extreme talent is quite a sight to behold.

A 7th grader on Andrea's softball has athletic agility the likes that I've never before seen except in a few professional athletes. Her body glides gracefully in movement ...her responses are intuitive and and extraordinarily quick....her natural aggressiveness is a different animal than the other girls. They're nimble dogs, but she's a cat. She taunts the pitcher with her smiling presence. She's always moving. She's a nice, unpretentious girl, not especially pretty or fashionable, with an easy laugh, no make-up and a tangled mass of curly sandy-blonde hair. Injuries are minor nuisances to her.....she's not a dramatic princess.

The mother sitting next me at last night's game, the coach's wife, said that Darion has always been this gifted. She was an extreme talent in 2nd grade. In fact, softball's not even her game. She was recently drafted by a national soccer club. She's in training for a possible spot on the Olympic soccer team. As a goalie.

She's a wonder to watch. I understand the intensity of true gifts from God when I watch her on the athletic field.

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