Thursday, April 01, 2004

Now That's Entertainment.....Trump-Style

Been a long time since I've had such fun watching a TV program as I do "The Apprentice" on Thursday evenings. It's an absolute hoot for this MBA to be a spectator of the gamesmanship, personalities and competitive number crunching on that show. Been there, felt just like that. I actually get a bit nervous before the scorecards are read.

Any one of the remaining four....Amy, Nick, Bill or Kwame...deserve final victory. They all have their strong suits. Who will actually emerge as the victor? Bill and Amy are the most all-around clever and competent, and both are excellent strategists. Nick won't win....too much of a salesman to the exclusion of other management skills. But don't overlook Kwame.... so often, the quiet one with all the Ivy League style and little risk-taking is the one left standing.

If I were Donald Trump, I would select Bill to be the winning job applicant. But I'm not The Donald.

Now that's entertainment. Praise God it's only on TV for 60 minutes a week. It could turn into a regular time-devouring vice for me, rather like sports-watching for the masses of athletic competition addicts.

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