Friday, September 19, 2003

Food Crimes

The price of pecans is a food crime. Check filet mignon. It might be less expensive.

The hidden fat in supermarket chicken. Consumers think they are buying a low-fat, low-calorie entree, but look more closely and you will see the hunks of fat. It is disgusting. On thighs, breasts and "best of the fryer," it is on the bottom and underneath the edges of the skin. For whole chickens, it is mainly along the edges of the open cavity and especially the other end. Take about fifteen minutes to cut this fat away. Your chicken will taste much better and be far healthier.

Lunchables. Enough said.

Any sugared cereal that causes kids to think they are eating cookies, candy or dessert for breakfast.

Bologna. (See Lunchables, above.)

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