Friday, September 19, 2003

Indian Summer Produce and Freedom

Indian summer produce is zesty and plump in late September, so I couldn't resist browsing in a local Mexican market again. With my purchases, I plan to create a fresh tomatillo salsa this weekend from fragrant cilantro, perfectly ripe tomatillos, onions, fresh lime juice and a couple secret ingredients. Also planning to make one of my signature salads of sliced roma tomatoes and cucumbers, mozzarella cheese and key lime viniagrette to pair with roast beef for Sunday family dinner.

There is freedom in eating healthy with this type of protein and veggie emphasis. It tastes delicious and refreshing, is satisfying, and best of all, our cholestral counts have never been better. Mine is now 151, Ron's is down to 195, and our other blood tests were equally positive. Now about the weight....working on that. Like always. Honest. I am. Really. :)

But there is nothing appealing or sexy about a food writer talking health. It doesn't sell books or newspapers unless it makes false or sensational promises. It reminds people of their shortcomings. It isn't fun or energizing or even very hopeful. Writing about healthy cooking commits the unpardonable publishing is boring.

Too bad because cooked simply and well, the tastes I mentioned here, for instance, are vibrant and delightful and the dishes are satisfying. It just takes a little imagination, a few extra minutes, and love for your family.

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