Sunday, September 28, 2003


None of us remembers my sister's husband wearing a tie and jacket during the past twenty years. None of us ever remembers him entering a church. He is a homebody who hates to travel. He rarely shops for anything.

He wore a tie and jacket yesterday, and attended my daughter's wedding in a church 450 miles from his home. He was unhappy with my sister's choice of a wedding gift, so he went shopping and bought something special just from him. He felt strangled by the tie and jacket though, and changed into casual clothes before the reception. He didn't socialize much. He must have been the only married man present with his own separate gift for the newlyweds.

A few shook their heads and chuckled that he can be relied on to be difficult and different. He has no regard for protocol.

I guess it depends on your perspective. Ron and I are grateful for the love and respect he showed for his niece and the occasion by getting outside his comfort zone to be there for her.

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