Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Colorful Jewelry & John Steinbeck

Added two new links last night.....

The owners of Super Hero Designs make the most adorable and fun, colorful jewelry imaginable, and if you live the the San Francisco Bay area, Andrea also takes captivating professional photos. If I lived in SF, I'd love to know these girls. They look like fun!

Nobel Prize winning author John Steinbeck's novels intrigue me, with their rich characters, deep compassion, majestic sense of California geography and especially their almost-naive, moral outrage. I just finished reading his "The Winter of Our Discontent," so I have Steinbeck on my mind. Here is a link to all things Steinbeck. I hope this encourages you to also read or reread his tomes.

Also, please note that I added one cup unsweetened coconut milk to the recipe for my Christmas Day salmon marinade. That key ingredient gives the marinade an Asian-infused richness and depth.

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