Saturday, December 11, 2004

This Woman Must Be Stopped

From the December 9 entry in "Simple Abundance - a Daybook of Comfort & Joy" by Sarah Ban Breathnach....

"There is a woman still at large...charmed and dangerous. She waves her clever hand over room and it looks like a page from House Beautiful. She waves her creative hand over the fruits of the earth and a feast appears nightly. Her thumb is green; her herb vinegar is curing; her potpourri recipe is sought; her PTA cupcakes are from scratch; her Halloween costumes are legendary; and she still wear a size 8. Her celebrity lawyer husband adores her, her five summa cum laude kids think she's wonderful.

She finished her holiday shopping, wrapping and sending in November. Now, she's turning her attention to making her own New Year's Eve confetti out of naturally colored crushed egg shells. I know this because I've just received her annual Christmas letter. Be forewarned. It's speeding its way to your house.

This woman must be stopped. she undermines our domestic tranquility. She threatens the common good. "

No kidding!

Goodness knows I adore watching Martha Stewart on TV, but please, God......don't let her live in my neighborhood. :)

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