Saturday, December 04, 2004

Prayer Request for Encouragement

Hooray hooray hooray hooray hooray hooray!

Friends...particularly those who know me personally...pray pray pray for me to continue my ministry at my other blog, Heart, Soul & Humor.

Through my writings there, plus months of my persistent emailing, posting to other blogs and cyber networking, I have engaged a few well-regarded Democratic Party types to start to reexamine Roe v. Wade. To relook at abortion. To comprehend that 40 million abortions have been performed since that January 1973 decision.

No kidding.....I have an active and lengthy email dialog going with several bigwig Democratic types, and it's exciting beyond words to see them admit (at last) that, yes, the right to kill a child at many (or most) stages of pregnancy is a travesty.

Please pray for me to be able to continue to engage others on this issue. It's just exciting to see bit of progress! Finally. It's a start. Just as I was feeling's an encouraging sign for me to keep pressing on.


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