Thursday, April 21, 2005

A Disease of Insatiable, Undeniable Urgency

"It's a girl!!!" our daughter-in-law cried last night about her unborn child.

And with that, our first grandchild began to take form, shape and personality for Ron and me.

She's not due for another month, but I can't get her out of my mind. Her lovely face, her soft touch, her sweet baby scent. My arms long to hold this precious new baby. Our precious new baby. I dreamed about her last night.

During a routine check-up months ago, my doctor prophesied that I would be contracting an incurable disease this spring...the grandmother's disease. He said symptoms include an insatiable, even undeniable desire to buy cute baby things whenever I pass by a store...any store.

I'd already planned to spend all today planning and shopping for this Saturday's baby shower. But a new urgency fills my emotions.....

Babies R' Us, Target, that adorable baby boutique down the street.....

I may have contracted the disease.


Mark Daniels said...

That's so exciting, Deborah! This getting older brings its compensating joys, doesn't it? In two months, our daughter will be married and in a few weeks, we celebrate our son's graduation from college.

Have fun being a grandmother!

You'll be terrific, I'm sure!

Blessings in Christ,
Mark Daniels

Deborah White said...

Mark...As always, thank you for your kind thoughts.

I am praying for your church and denomination. They are fortunate to have you as their pastor.