Saturday, April 30, 2005

Jennifer Has Some Issues

I'm strangely intrigued by the headline story of the 32 year old "runaway bride" from Georgia.

Jennifer, a long-distance runner, went out for a jog, leaving behind her engagement ring, cell phone, keys and credit cards. She hopped a Greyound bus to Las Vegas, eventually ending up in New Mexico. Along the journey, she changed her appearance by cutting her hair.

Early this morning, after four days on the run, she called 911 from an Albuquerque 7/11 store, sobbing that she was lost.

Today was to be her luxurious thousand-guest wedding, with 14 bridesmaids and a reception at the toniest country club in Atlanta.

The Baptist pastor who was to marry her today released a statement, saying that her fiance "is a man of faith" who concedes that "everyone has a right to make a mistake." The groom's mother likewise said "The heartbreak of it. He was trying so hard to be brave. I don't know how he held up."

The bride's family said only "It has been determined Jennifer has some issues the family was not aware of."


I'm praying for the lost bride.

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